About Us

Billy James Cobin

Creative Director
Billy James Cobin - Creative Director

Billy has over 20 years of experience in the advertising field. An accomplished producer of music, video, print and high-end CMS websites, Billy brings his many talents to bear on a daily basis as Creative Director of InterCreative Media.

In the political field, as Special Projects Director for Democracy for NYC (DFNYC - the local group of Howard Dean’s Democracy for America), Billy was cited in the Daily Kos during the 2004 election cycle in a self-referential article by Stirling Newberry entitled, “Democratic Party Leaders, Get This Man on the Phone.” You can check it out here. Billy has a real political pedigree - he's named after his uncle, William Winter, who was a well-respected broadcast journalist and the first Voice of America during World War II.

Billy's unique combination of skills and experience is a major factor in InterCreative's ability to "get it done right" with everything we do.

Jon Stone

Political Director
Jon Stone - Political Director

Jon has worked on numerous projects for progressive and Democratic organizations in recent years, including: Chair of the Endorsement Committee for David Pollak’s Democratic Agenda project; Director of Project Planning for The Democracy Foundation; co-founder and Program Director for The Capitol D Group (supporting Democrats for the New York State Senate); member of the Communications Committee of the Tanenbaum Center for Inter-religious Understanding; as well as consulting and working for political campaigns at the local, state and federal level.

Jon has served on the fundraising committees of Hillary Clinton for Senate and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Red to Blue" initiative.

Jon also brings his 20 years of experience in music promotion, production and publishing to his work with ICR Media. As an expert communicator with great language and messaging skills, Jon's touch is evident in all of our work.

Steve Messere

Digital Media Director
Steve Messere - Digital Media Director

Steve Messere has spent eighteen years in senior leadership positions with some of the preeminent licensors of editorial and commercial photography, motion picture and television images, as well as leading information technology firms including Oracle, Adobe and Apple Computer.

His earliest professional work concentrated on the emerging convergence of computing platforms with traditional media technologies - this includes the first computer video digitizing technologies including the launch of Apple’s QuickTime, as well as interactive news gathering platforms in the late 1980s for ABCNews that preceded the introduction of today's consumer news web sites.

Steve is an acknowledged expert in the digital media and Social Networking space; in May 2010, he was called on to testify in front of the House Small Business Committee on the role of broadband communications as an engine of job growth. As someone who has had a hand in the development of the actual technologies that are used in today's burgeoning Social Networking space, InterCreative is thrilled to have Steve heading our Digital Media team.

Julie Lamb

Director of Viral Marketing
Director of Viral Marketing

Julie's specialty is "breaking through the noise," both visually (TV, Special Events, etc.) and on the web. An experienced performer and producer, Julie has produced programs for the Austin Music Network and has appeared numerous times on QVC and in various TV commercials and feature films.

Equally at home both in front of and behind the camera, Julie is a pleasure to work with and knows what it takes to get an exciting and engaging performance "in the can." When it comes to designing a "look," there's nobody better; Julie has done work on the Rachel Ray Show and is a regular consultant for various entertainment personalities.

On the web, Julie has been a pioneer in Viral Marketing. With her network of "viral agents," Julie has proven to be most adept at generating large numbers of hits in a small time span; recently she was instrumental in getting over 350,000 hits in a matter of days for an ICRMedia project.

A Cast of Hundreds...

We have relationships with literally hundreds of people who we work with on a case-by-case basis; this enables us to tailor our services specifically to your needs. By working this way, we're able to streamline our operation without compromising quality.

As far as production is concerned, we have a network of producers, directors, composers and editors we work with regularly, so we're always able to "fit the team to the task," rather than the other way around. And when it comes to consumer/voter/demographic analysis, we have people on call who have worked for billion-dollar companies in collecting and analyzing complex data - and formulating successful strategies based upon it.

Regardless of what your project calls for, rest assured that we're able to put together a real "All Star" team to help you achieve your objectives.