Steve Messere

Steve Messere - Digital Media Director
Digital Media Director

Steve Messere has spent eighteen years in senior leadership positions with some of the preeminent licensors of editorial and commercial photography, motion picture and television images, as well as leading information technology firms including Oracle, Adobe and Apple Computer.

His earliest professional work concentrated on the emerging convergence of computing platforms with traditional media technologies - this includes the first computer video digitizing technologies including the launch of Apple’s QuickTime, as well as interactive news gathering platforms in the late 1980s for ABCNews that preceded the introduction of today's consumer news web sites.

Steve is an acknowledged expert in the digital media and Social Networking space; in May 2010, he was called on to testify in front of the House Small Business Committee on the role of broadband communications as an engine of job growth. As someone who has had a hand in the development of the actual technologies that are used in today's burgeoning Social Networking space, InterCreative is thrilled to have Steve heading our Digital Media team.