DCCC - Fundraiser

When the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) wanted to create a compelling video for nine of their top-line candidates for the crucial 2012 Congressional elections, they turned to InterCreative.

It was a roster of truly impressive candidates - from an astronaut to a federal prosecutor who successfully tried several members of al Queda. The challenge was to present all of them in a context that emphasized the importance of the elections in a way that was clear, compelling and easy to understand.

Using an original music track and smartly-chosen imagery, ICR created several "futurecasts" showing potential repercussions of a GOP victory in November, followed by introductory shots of the nine candidates featuring each of their unique talents - all in a snappy 2:14.

The video was a great success and we're looking forward to more of these productions beyond the 2012 election cycle...

DCCC - May 30, 2012 Fundraiser