Katie Facchinello for Colorado State Senate


[Limited-time initiative - site not currently active]

Katie Facchinello is a fresh, new political up-and-comer who ran for Colorado State Senate in the 2010 election cycle. She challenged long-term right-winger Ken Harvey, an unapologetic Bush/Cheney supporter who is also a self-confessed Tom Tancredo fan. (For those who haven't heard of Tom, he's one of the nuttier ultra-right hysterics on the scene.)

Although this was a traditionally "red" district, Katie received significant support from voters of all stripes.

2010 was a particularly tough year for Democrats, as they fought a wave of voter anger brought about by the economic climate created by years of misguided Republican policy. Although Katie didn't win - this time around - we're certainly looking forward to hearing more from her in the future.

InterCreative designed a bright, lively site for Katie that was perfectly in keeping with her boundless energy and positive outlook, yet strong on functionality, paying particular attention to the absentee voting workflow in a state where mail-in voting is a breeze.