KGB Bar Literary Magazine

KGB Bar Literary Magazine

The literary companion of KGB Bar, the KGB Bar Literary Magazine (LitMag) represents a vibrant community of writers, poets and journalistic figures. Modeled after the Paris review, KGB LitMag provides a showcase for both established and up-and-coming writers and poets.

While the Red Room upstairs from KGB Bar features musical content, the scene at KGB Bar most is definitely literary, with a busy schedule of readings hosted by noted authors and speakers.

KGB LitMag started as various articles on the original KGB site; it was then spun off to become a site of its own. In the process, much of the older content was lost, a situation further complicated by the untimely passing of the original web designer.

With nobody "minding the store," so to speak, there was no notice when the hosting company discontinued operations. At the last moment, the data files were rescued, and InterCreative launched on an odyssey of "digital archeology" to try to recover the lost data.

The months-long effort culminated in the KGB Archives, a section of the KGB LitMag site with over ten years of content that was thought to have been lost.